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iResetMe : Summary

iResetMe is a browser based utility that lets your end users perform their own password resets when a user profile is disabled or a password is forgotten. This is done in a secure environment using personal challenge response questions.

Experts agree that password resets are the most frequently requested service for your help desk staff. Using iResetMe, you can effectively let your user community handle password resets on their own right down to entering their new password and re-enabling their user profile.

iResetMe lets you enroll the specific user profiles that you want covered by the end user reset process. Once a user has been enrolled, they have to go through a personal activation process, using their browser, that will ask a series of personal questions and record their responses. Once a user has been enrolled and activated, the next time their user profile is disabled for any reason, they can go to the iResetMe browser interface and reactivate their user profile on their own. If a password reset fails, then iResetMe will lock the user profile out until a manual reset is completed.

iResetMe includes an email notification feature. Whenever an enrolled user profile is disabled by the IBM OS, iResetMe will send an email notice to the affected user with a link to the iResetMe page on your system to start the password reset process. An email is also sent to the end user when iResetMe is used to make a change to their user profile as a confirmation.

iResetMe also includes support for multiple language installations. Support is included for English, Spanish and French but we have plans to add more languages as time permits. The software can be configured with a default language that is applied on a system wide basis, but individual users can be configured for the specific language that they want to use.

Using iResetMe, you can also synchronize user profile passwords across multiple partitions or multiple systems. Using this feature, you can host a single HTTP server that will then cause user profile passwords to be updated in multiple locations.

The iResetMe server runs on your IBM i using the Apache HTTP server function. The server instance is pre-configured for you and works using a secure HTTPS interface so that all updates are encrypted. The installation process walks you through software installation, server instance creation and configuration, digital certificate creation for use with the HTTPS protocol.

iResetMe includes a detailed activity log that helps you keep track of enrollments, activations and password resets processed.

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License and Support Information

iResetMe is available as Single or Multiple LPAR licenses with unlimited users.

Maintenance: Free for first year of ownership with annual billing thereafter. See company policies section for more information.

Ordering Information

iResetMe is available for FREE 30 day trial.

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